Why Did Lee and Tiffany Divorce

Why Did Lee and Tiffany Divorce

Lee and Tiffany were once considered a power couple in the outdoor sports world. As hosts of the highly successful hunting show Crush with Lee & Tiffany, they showcased not only their prowess in bow hunting but their loving marriage. However, after over 15 years together, the couple stunned fans by announcing their split in late 2022. What led to the end of this relationship?

Background on Lee and Tiffany’s Relationship

Lee and Tiffany met in 2003 when Tiffany, working as a flight attendant, decided to pursue her passion for archery. She went to the archery shop where Lee worked. The two bonded over their mutual love of hunting and the outdoors. After a whirlwind romance, they got married that same year.

Eager to launch hunting careers, they moved to Iowa to establish whitetail properties. Before long, they landed their first TV show Getting’ Close on the Outdoor Channel. This set them on a path to build a hunting media brand together.

Success of Their Hunting Show

Getting’ Close rapidly rose to be Outdoor Channel’s top-rated show. In 2008, Lee and Tiffany reinvented the program as Crush with Lee & Tiffany. The reformatted show appealed to wider audiences with its adventurous spirit and Tiffany’s signature celebratory “Yes!” when bagging a big trophy kills.

With Lee coaching Tiffany in archery, and Tiffany encouraging Lee to keep innovating, they made an unstoppable team. The show ran successfully for over a decade as the couple raised their two children, Cameron and Raygen.

When Problems Began To Surface

Behind the scenes, however, issues slowly cropped up in Lee and Tiffany’s marriage. As their children grew older and the hunting show required less of Tiffany’s time, she began envisioning new career goals for herself beyond just their joint TV venture.

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Friends noticed Lee becoming less flexible and more controlling. He stubbornly insisted on making all major decisions about their hunting business and family matters. Over time, Lee dismissed more of Tiffany’s opinions, causing mounting frustration.

The couple’s emotional intimacy and communication declined as well. Preoccupied with their own interests, Lee and Tiffany spent less quality time nurturing their marriage.

Reasons for the Divorce

By 2021, enough strain had built up that Lee and Tiffany could no longer brush issues under the rug. They knew deep changes were needed to get their marriage back on track – or else divorce was inevitable.

Growing Apart

In joint interviews, Lee and Tiffany opened up that they had simply grown apart after almost 20 years together. Tiffany suggested they no longer had a friendship at the core of their romantic relationship. Staying together for the TV show or their public image could not sustain them.

Tiffany’s Career Goals

Part of Tiffany’s feeling stifled was Lee limiting her career. She could not explore her full potential while he made unilateral decisions for their business. Divorcing allowed Tiffany to independently develop passion projects without needing Lee’s approval.

Lee’s Stubbornness

For his part, Lee acknowledged needing to overcome stubborn tendencies that blinded him from supporting Tiffany’s personal growth. His rigidness ultimately cost him an intimate partnership with his wife.

Loss of Intimacy

Additionally, Lee and Tiffany confessed they had not put enough effort into maintaining intimacy lately. Through counseling, it became evident they struggled with emotional availability and vulnerability. Letting these issues fester slowly dimmed the love they once had.

Making the Difficult Decision

Despite caring for one another and not having any major volatile incidents, the amount of hurt and disconnect in their marriage reached an irreparable state.

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Lee and Tiffany slowly realized divorce was the next step. As painful as it was, separating would allow them to rediscover happiness and purpose individually.

Continuing to live dysfunctionally together would also set a poor example for their children on what a marriage should be. By late 2022, Lee and Tiffany officially announced the end to their 15-year marriage.

Reactions to the Announcement

Understandably, reactions from fans ran the gamut from shock and sadness to relief that Lee and Tiffany could now heal from an unhealthy dynamic that had run its course.

Both Lee and Tiffany thanked supporters for respecting their privacy during this transitional period into single life and co-parenting.

They clarified that Crush with Lee & Tiffany would continue – it had always been a defining project for them individually regardless of marital status.

Professionally, at least, they aimed to maintain an amicable working relationship for the sake of the show and its audience.

Co-Parenting After Divorce

Lee and Tiffany have confirmed their number one priority post-split is raising their son Cameron and daughter Raygen cooperatively. They hope to set a positive example of moving forward while keeping things smooth for their children’s wellbeing.

While no longer married, Lee and Tiffany plan to remain fully involved parents through shared custody. Keeping communication open regarding parenting decisions without bitterness shows their maturity.

Moving On

Both Lee and Tiffany have expressed eagerness to rediscover their independent identities. Tiffany looks forward to writing her memoir and advocating for wildlife conservation. Lee wishes to expand his archery products company while mentoring other hunters.

They harbor no ill feelings and want happiness for one another in this new phase. While no longer romantic partners, Lee and Tiffany can now build a supportive friendship as co-parents.

Life After Lee and Tiffany Divorce

Only time will tell how Lee and Tiffany adjust post-divorce both personally and professionally. Ending a long-term marriage often brings enormous change.

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However, they are relieved to close the chapter on an unhappy era where neither could thrive. This frees them to reflect, pursue individual passions, and potentially forge new relationships.

Lee and Tiffany seem confident that separating ultimately can strengthen their ability to work together platonically. They also look forward to bonding one-on-one with their children.


In the end, Lee and Tiffany had to courageously acknowledge the issues at the root of their strained marriage – fundamentally growing apart, losing intimacy and trust, and struggling to support each other’s personal growth within the confines of their joint public careers and decision-making dynamics.

Prioritizing authenticity and well-being over upholding an image led Lee and Tiffany to their painful but necessary split. Despite audiences feeling disappointed, Lee and Tiffany feel peace knowing divorce provides closure and an opportunity to rebuild. They will forever share a formative history and commitment to co-parenting their kids post-divorce.


1.Are Lee and Tiffany still friends?

While no longer romantically involved, Lee and Tiffany aim to establish an amicable friendship, especially regarding co-parenting decisions and maintaining their successful hunting show together.

2.What will happen to their show Crush with Lee & Tiffany?

As popular hosts, Lee and Tiffany have confirmed Crush will continue filming. They enjoy working together professionally and do not wish their personal split to impact the show.

3.How will they co-parent their children?

Lee and Tiffany plan to split custodial duties through an informal shared parenting agreement going forward rather than strict court-mandated custody. Their priority is raising their son and daughter cooperatively.

4.Will they get remarried to other people?

As this is still early after announcing their breakup, dating again is not Lee and Tiffany’s immediate focus. They look forward to embracing the single life. Down the road, new committed relationships could develop.

5.Could Lee and Tiffany ever rekindle their marriage?

While some fans hold out hope, a reconciliation seems doubtful given the definite tone of their divorce statements. Lee and Tiffany feel dissolving their marriage is healthiest and will bring them more fulfillment in moving on separately.

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