why did lady jade divorce her husband

Why Did Lady Jade Divorce Her Husband?

Lady Jade, born Judith Wambura Mbibo, is a popular Tanzanian R&B/pop artist known for hits like “Siku Hazigandi” and “Nategemea Wewe.” In 2005, she married Gardner Habash, a famous radio personality in Tanzania. The two were together for 11 years before Lady Jade filed for divorce in 2016. Their split came as a surprise to fans, leaving many wondering: why did Lady Jade divorce her husband after over a decade of marriage?

Lady Jade and Gardner shared a whirlwind romance in the early 2000s, leading to marriage in 2005. But over time, troubles quietly mounted – from Lady Jade’s rising stardom to Gardner’s alcohol abuse. Cracks in their union slowly surfaced until the relationship reached its breaking point.

In this article, we’ll explore the key events and factors that ultimately led to the dissolution of Lady Jade and Gardner’s marriage. We’ll also look at how Lady Jade has coped post-divorce and what she’s learned in the aftermath about love, life, and priorities.

Early Days of Lady Jade’s Marriage

Lady Jade and Gardner dated for four years before deciding to tie the knot in 2005. Close friends described them as incredibly happy and head-over-heels in the first few years of marriage.

During this “honeymoon phase,” Lady Jade’s music career also started blossoming. Hits like “Mapenzi Tele” brought her fame across East Africa. Though busy with concerts and tours, she remained devoted to Gardner and their marriage.

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However, subtle cracks in their relationship slowly surfaced after the first few years…

Cracks Begin to Show

As Lady Jade’s popularity grew exponentially from 2005-2011, her travels and demanding schedule kept her away from home more often. She focused intensely on her music at the expense of quality time with Gardner.

During this period, Gardner also began abusing alcohol and becoming emotionally distant. The physical and emotional gap between the couple continued widening year after year.

Lady Jade later admitted she struggled to balance her booming career and marriage. The nonstop grind of music and travel took a toll on her energy to invest in her relationship.

Meanwhile, Gardner felt neglected and started certain destructive coping mechanisms like excessive drinking. Their lack of proper communication and emotional support for each other caused an irreparable rift.

The Final Straw

After years of growing apart, the final blow to Lady Jade and Gardner’s marriage came through infidelity accusations. Tabloids reported that Gardner had been unfaithful, which he vehemently denied.

However, Lady Jade felt she could no longer recognize the man she married. His denial of cheating combined with his unrelenting alcohol abuse and emotional neglect pushed her over the edge.

In 2016, after 11 years of marriage, Lady Jade filed for divorce. The news shocked fans and made headlines across African entertainment outlets.

In an interview after the divorce, Lady Jade explained how completely “out of touch” she and Gardner had become after years of distance, lies, and mistrust. She lamented not addressing their issues sooner before cracks in the foundation became full breaks.

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Life After Lady Jade divorce her Husband

Initially, Lady Jade struggled with the divorce, occasionally exchanging bitter words with Gardner publicly. She even said the first year after their split felt “traumatic.”

However, she’s since adopted a much more positive, philosophical outlook about the relationship’s dissolution. She focuses on self-care, personal growth, and appreciating lessons learned.

Professionally, Lady Jade continues churning out music, having released multiple hit singles and an album post-divorce. She also remains open to dating and finding love again one day.

In a recent radio interview, she mentioned having a new partner. However, she keeps the relationship private to nurture it beyond public scrutiny.

Ultimately, Lady Jade emphasizes moving forward instead of looking back. She wants to apply the wisdom gained from her first marriage toward better choices in future relationships.

Lessons Learned

Reflecting on her 11-year relationship with Gardner, Lady Jade highlights three key lessons:

  1. Communication is critical – Addressing issues, listening to each other, and giving quality time/attention could have prevented years of simmering resentment.
  2. Fame and marriages require careful balancing – Letting music overshadow her marriage slowly damaged its foundation. She advises others in entertainment against making this mistake.
  3. Practice self-care, even during messy breakups – From bitterness and pain comes growth and closure. She focused inward on healing instead of lashing outward.


Lady Jade’s divorce after over a decade of marriage with popular radio host Gardner came as a surprise. However, many complex factors – like Lady Jade’s demanding career, Gardner’s alcoholism, suspected infidelity, and lack of communication – led to their relationship’s demise.

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In the aftermath, Lady Jade slowly found peace through self-reflection and choosing to move forward positively. Though painful initially, the breakup taught her invaluable lessons about loving deeply and protecting one’s mental health during hardship.

As her journey continues, Lady Jade hopes to apply wisdom gained from the past toward building healthy relationships in the future. Her resilience and grace through it all are truly inspirational.


1.How long were Lady Jade and Gardner married before divorcing?

Lady Jade and Gardner were married for 11 years before divorcing in 2016. They had dated for 4 years before getting married in 2005.

2.What main factors caused issues in their marriage?

Key issues included Lady Jade’s music career demands pulling her focus away, Gardner’s alcoholism and infidelity, lack of communication, and growing sense of emotional distance/disconnect.

3.How did Lady Jade cope with the divorce initially?

At first, Lady Jade struggled and admitted the year following the divorce felt traumatic. She occasionally lashed out publicly. Over time, she focused more on self-care and personal healing.

4.What lessons did Lady Jade learn from her first marriage?

The main lessons were prioritizing communication in relationships, balancing fame/work with relationships, and practicing self-care even during difficult splits.

5.What is Lady Jade’s current outlook on future relationships?

Lady Jade remains open to dating and finding love again. She keeps newer relationships private but hopes to apply wisdom from the past to build healthy partnerships moving forward.

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