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Why Did Josh Gates Get Divorced? Know About His Ex-Wife and Children

Who is Josh Gates?

Josh Gates has built a successful career as a prominent television presenter, explorer, and producer primarily known for hosting the hit Discovery Channel documentary series Expedition Unknown.

He additionally contributes his on-screen talents and production expertise to an array of captivating paranormal-focused shows for networks like SyFy and Travel Channel.

Through his hosting and storytelling skills across various mystery, adventure, and supernatural programs, Josh has garnered a widespread fanbase.

Announcement of Divorce from Wife Hallie in 2021

In August 2021, Josh Gates surprised fans by publicly announcing his divorce from his long-term wife Hallie Gnatovich after keeping details of their personal lives largely private. While the reasons for the split remain unclear, legal proceedings finalized their separation in July 2021.

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Background on Josh Gates’ Personal Life

Marriage to Hallie Gnatovich

Josh Gates married celebrity event planner Hallie Gnatovich in September 2014 at the historic Fly Ranch in Nevada following several years of dating.

Their scenic outdoor wedding venue reflected Josh and Hallie’s shared passion for adventure and exploration. By all accounts, guests described their nuptials as joyful and exciting – symbolic of the couple’s relationship.

After nearly seven years of marriage and one son together, the pair announced their plans to dissolve their matrimonial union through divorce while co-parenting cooperatively.

Children Together

Josh Gates and Hallie Gnatovich welcomed their first and only child, son Beckett Gates in July 2016 – two years into their marriage.

As parents, Josh and Hallie maintained a private, protective approach when sharing updates or photos of Beckett via social media to allow him a regular upbringing.

Following Josh and Hallie’s divorce, the couple emphasized their commitment to co-parenting Beckett together while adapting to other changes from their separation.

Speculations and Josh Gates Get Divorced

As Josh and Hallie never publicly specified a clear cause for seeking a divorce, various theories have emerged trying to explain the split.

Common Reasons for Celebrity Divorces

Certain factors commonly challenge marriages between two busy entertainment industry figures like Josh and Hallie:

Careers Pulling Couples Apart

Hectic filming, travel, and publicity schedules can strain relationships by reducing quality time for bonding and nurturing intimacy.

Growing Apart Over Time

Over years of juggling parenting duties, Josh and Hallie may have simply grown more distant and developed diverging priorities.

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Infidelity Rumors

Tabloids also falsely speculated infidelity as a trigger for divorce – however, neither Josh nor Hallie validated any such claims.

Josh and Hallie’s Divorce Announcement

In identical Instagram posts from August 2021, Josh and Hallie addressed fans regarding their divorce decision after months of silence on social media and in the public eye.

Statement About Focusing on Children

The ex-couple stated their primary motivation for announcing the split was to protect their son Beckett first and foremost by getting ahead of media speculation and rumors.

Requests for Privacy Around Details

Citing what was surely an enormously difficult personal journey, Josh and Hallie explicitly asked fans and media outlets to kindly respect their request for privacy.

Confirmation of Amicable, Cooperative Split

However, they positively affirmed both remained committed to successfully co-parenting together, indicating an amicable separation.

Legal Finalization of Divorce

According to legal documents, Josh originally filed divorce papers at Los Angeles Superior Court on January 8th, 2021 citing the usual “irreconcilable differences” as grounds for dissolution of marriage.

Filing for Divorce in January 2021

In the months that followed, Josh and Hallie worked with attorneys and mediators to address central matters like child custody arrangements for son Beckett along with the division of accumulated assets from properties to finances.

Final Decree Granted in July 2021

After 6 months, the marriage was formally dissolved by a judge on July 13, 2021 – bringing Josh and Hallie’s relationship to an official close after 7 years together.

Josh and Hallie Post-Divorce

Following the finalization of legal separation, Josh and Hallie embarked upon rebuilding life individually as single parents to son Beckett.

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Separate Living Locations

By 2022, Josh will reside primarily in Los Angeles closer to entertainment industry circles and work obligations. Separately, Hallie lives with Beckett in the former family home nog located in California according to social media.

Josh’s Dating Life After Divorce

Tabloids have linked Josh to various model and actress romantic interests though he himself has not addressed dating publicly out of privacy concerns for his young child.

Hallie’s Updates Via Social Media

Alternately, Hallie focuses her energies on raising Beckett while working as an event planner – occasionally sharing light-hearted glimpses into single motherhood online.

Co-Parenting Son Beckett Together

As promised in their divorce statements, Josh and Hallie appear to split custody duties with Beckett cooperatively by shuffling him between two loving homes.


Key Details About Josh Gates’s Divorce

In review, Expedition Unknown host Josh Gates rather unexpectedly filed for divorce from his wife Hallie Gnatovich in early 2021 after 7 years of marriage without citing any explicit cause. Following a 6 month legal process, their split was finalized in July 2021 with both parties requesting privacy. Currently Josh and Hallie effectively co-parent son Beckett between Los Angeles and Hallie’s new home base.

Final Thoughts on Split From Long-Term Wife

While fans felt surprised over the end of Josh’s marriage, the former couple have handled proceedings maturely by shielding son Beckett from scrutiny and working as allies -never adversaries in divorce. Their dignity and discretion serve as an aspirational example for other couples facing similarly difficult circumstances in the public eye.


1-Where does Josh Gates live now after his divorce?

After his divorce, Josh Gates continues residing in Los Angeles, California likely to accommodate his filming and production work obligations primarily for Discovery Channel and his own company Ping Pong Productions.

2-Does Josh Gates have a girlfriend since his divorce?

Tabloids have linked Josh Gates to rumored girlfriends though he has not publicly addressed his dating life following his divorce likely to maintain privacy regarding his young son Beckett.

3-How old was Josh Gates when he got divorced?

Josh Gates was around 43 years old when he filed for and finalized divorce from ex-wife Hallie Gnatovich in 2021 after 7 years of marriage.

4-Are Josh Gates and Hallie still friends after their divorce?

By all indications, Josh Gates and ex-wife Hallie have remained cooperative and amicable co-parents to son Beckett despite dissolving their marriage which suggests they are on decent terms at minimum.

5-What is Josh Gates doing now career-wise post-divorce?

Professionally after his divorce, Josh Gates continues his prolific television career as creator, host, and producer across various mystery and paranormal shows for Discovery, Travel Channel, and his own production company.

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