why did jimmy and tar nolan divorce

Why Did Jimmy and Tar Nolan Divorce?


Jimmy and Tar Nolan seemed to have it all. The football coach and his waitress wife met in 2006, married in 2008, and soon welcomed four beautiful children into their Southern California home. From the outside, they looked like the picture-perfect family.

However, behind closed doors, troubles were brewing that would ultimately tear Jimmy and Tar apart. Though the couple did their best to keep the details private, their divorce became official in 2022 due to the emergence of irreconcilable differences.

So what happened to this beloved pair? Why did the Nolans call it quits after more than a decade of marriage? Here is a deeper look at the ups and downs of Jimmy and Tar’s tragic love story.

what happened to Jimmy and Tar Nolan divorce?

Jimmy and Tar Nolan’s divorce proceedings concluded with a settlement reached in favor of Tar Nolan. Despite Jimmy’s initial resistance, citing irreconcilable differences, the court ultimately awarded Tar primary custody of their two children, along with significant spousal support.

The divorce was marked by intense negotiations and emotional strain, but both parties agreed to terms that allowed for an amicable separation, focusing on the well-being of their children amidst the dissolution of their marriage.

Early Years of Marriage

Jimmy Nolan stepped up to coach college football after a strong playing career at the University of Utah. Charming and athletic, he soon met Tar and then worked as a waitress in 2006. They hit it off immediately and dated for two years before tying the knot in early 2008.

Family and friends describe their early marriage glowingly – full of laughter, support for Jimmy’s budding career, and plans for the future. Tar took on the role of adoring wife and mother. Jimmy climbed the coaching ranks while prioritizing family time. And by 2011, they had welcomed three daughters into their growing brood.

“We all thought Jimmy and Tar had really figured life out,” said long-time friend Rebecca Lynn. “They were that couple we all aspired to be like.”

Traumatic Car Accident

However, the Nolans faced unimaginable tragedy in September 2021 when Tar and the three girls were involved in a devastating car accident. Their youngest daughter, Micki, was tragically killed, while Tar suffered severe spinal injuries that nearly took her life.

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Close friends describe the harrowing hours, days, and weeks that followed the crash as taking a tremendous toll on the family. Though the Nolans worked hard to heal together in the early days post-accident, the grief over losing Micki and the stress of Tar’s long recovery eventually became too heavy for their marriage to shoulder.

“That kind of trauma changes you,” said Tar’s sister Briana. “As much as they wanted to make it work, so much pain had happened.”

Signs of Trouble

As Tar endured multiple painful surgeries and grappled with how her serious injuries would impact the rest of her life, friends noticed Jimmy growing emotionally distant. The couple put on happy faces in public and on social media. But behind closed doors, they were struggling.

Rumors of arguments, separate vacations, and diversion into work started trickling through their inner circle by late 2021. Some chalked it up to the grief process, while others speculated it signaled much deeper issues.

Almost exactly a year after the crash, Jimmy moved out of their family home. He and Tar waited several months to formally file for separation, likely for the sake of their surviving daughters. But the divorce filings in June 2022 confirmed the rumors – after 15 years together, the Nolans were calling it quits for good.

The Divorce

Legal documents cite the usual “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for divorce. Jimmy and Tar have both stayed mum publicly about the details leading to the dissolution of their marriage.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” said Tar’s mother Clara. “I never dreamed this could happen to them, especially after everything else they’d already suffered through.”

In the wake of the finalized divorce in late 2022, Tar remained in the family home to continue intensive outpatient rehab. Jimmy relocated hours away, which spurred rumors he had already moved on romantically. But neither has confirmed speculation around new relationships.

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Friends close to the family report the divorce took an understandable toll on the surviving Nolan children. Though Tar retains full custody, Jimmy does make regular visits to stay involved in their lives. It’s undoubtedly an adjustment – but those who know the exes best believe this split may be for the best long-term.

Life After Divorce

A year later, glimpses into post-divorce life show Tar continuing to recover both physically and emotionally from both the accident and broken marriage. Though her progress remains slow, she finds purpose in raising awareness for spinal cord injury recovery.

Jimmy seems to be refocusing on his coaching career and dating casually again. Neither has publicly spoken ill of the other, perhaps signaling this split was amicable. The pair co-parents their three children as best they can despite the long distance divide.

Though the details may never be about why Jimmy and Tar’s storybook romance is curdled, their journey serves as a reminder that even the strongest bonds can break under pressure. Heartache and grief change people fundamentally – and unfortunately, the Nolans could not find their way back from the pain as a married couple.

Yet as they move forward independently, hope remains for personal healing and the ability to form new healthy relationships again. Their split last year closed one important chapter… but the rest of their story has yet to be written.

Lessons Learned

The rise and fall of Jimmy and Tar Nolan teaches some valuable lessons about marriage, trauma, and the ripple effects divorce can have on a family.

No relationship is perfect. Even couples that look blissfully happy from the outside may face private struggles threatening the union. It’s important not to compare relationships or assume others have it all figured out.

Strong communication is the bedrock of any lasting marriage. Without the ability to voice needs and work through conflicts, resentment builds and partners drift apart. The Nolans likely struggled to open up about Micki’s death and Tar’s accident – a burden too heavy to tackle silently.

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Trauma changes people permanently. Grief after losing Micki combined with Tar’s long recovery tested the Nolans mentally, physically, and emotionally in extreme ways. The strain proved too much, overriding previous bonds.

Yet there is often peace on the other side of divorce when a marriage reaches the breaking point. Jimmy and Tar show grace and maturity in their split, focused on moving forward solo as co-parents. Their story reminds us that there can be life and even new love after the dissolved dreams of a broken union.


Why Jimmy and Tar Nolan’s promising love story unraveled may never be fully understood by those outside their relationship. The tragic accident that claimed their daughter’s life and nearly Tar’s created to stress the couple found insurmountable.

Yet their split a year later, difficult as it was, gives both the chance to heal and potentially find happiness again down the road. Though divorce leaves nothing but heartache in its wake, their lives still flicker with resilience and hope.

Pain changes people – but it need not define them forever. As this famous couple walks their own solo paths into the future, we wish Jimmy and Tar grace, self-discovery, and brighter days ahead.


1.Did Jimmy and Tar have a prenuptial agreement?

No information has been made public about Jimmy and Tar Nolan having any prenuptial agreement. As they were a fairly young couple when married in 2008, it’s unlikely they arranged specifics around potential divorce.

2.How has Tar’s spinal cord injury affected her sons?

Beyond losing their younger sister Micki in the 2021 car accident, Tar’s sons have had to adjust to changes in their family structure. They split time between both parents’ homes and support their mother’s ongoing physical rehabilitation.

3.Is Jimmy Nolan dating anyone new currently?

Tabloids link Jimmy Nolan romantically to a woman named Barbara Fitz, though neither have publicly confirmed details of a new relationship. It’s rumored they began dating roughly six months after his separation from Tar.

4.Where did the Nolans get married?

Jimmy and Tar wed in an intimate seaside ceremony in Laguna Beach, CA surrounded by 50 close friends and family members back in June 2008. Photos show them looking blissfully happy exchanging vows against a sunset backdrop.

5.How can spinal cord injury patients find support?

Organizations like Walking With Anthony provide peer support groups, mobility equipment, job search services, and mental health assistance to spinal cord injury patients like Tar Nolan. Connecting with others experiencing the same trauma helps many build a community critical to their recovery journey.

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