What should I do immediately after divorce?


Going through a divorce can be an extremely difficult and emotional time. Your life is changing in significant ways and it can feel overwhelming to figure out your next steps. While the healing process takes time, there are some important things you should do right away after your divorce is finalized. Taking these steps will help you regain stability and start moving forward.

Emotional Health

Allow Yourself to Grieve

It’s normal to feel a range of difficult emotions after a divorce, such as sadness, anger, loneliness, guilt, or depression. Allow yourself to fully process and express these feelings. Don’t bottle up emotions or try to numb them with unhealthy habits. Grieving the end of your marriage is necessary for healing.

Seek Support from Loved Ones

Reach out to close family and friends who can listen, validate your feelings, and offer comfort. Their emotional support can make a big difference in getting through this challenging adjustment. Don’t try to cope alone.

Consider Counseling

If you’re struggling with intense grief, anxiety, or depression, consulting a mental health professional can help. A counselor provides objective guidance as you work through the emotional trauma. Know that what you’re feeling is normal and you don’t have to go through it by yourself.

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Legal & Financial Matters

Update Important Documents

Your divorce decree serves as proof that your marital status has changed. Make sure to update your driver’s license, passport, insurance policies, bank accounts, credit cards, retirement plans, deeds, mortgage, and bills. Changing your name, if applicable, involves further documentation. This step is tedious but necessary.

Review Finances and Divide Assets

Follow the financial orders outlined in your divorce agreement regarding bank accounts, properties, taxes, spousal/child support, and division of other assets. Closing or separating joint accounts and credit cards will protect you financially. Discuss any clarification needed with your ex or lawyers.

Change Beneficiaries

Certain assets like life insurance policies and retirement accounts require you to name beneficiaries. Update these designations so your ex-spouse will no longer receive those assets if something happens to you. Avoid forgetting this step.

Consult a Lawyer if Needed

If any area of your divorce settlement remains unclear or disputes arise over asset division, quickly consult your attorney. They can advise you on the best steps so you avoid potential legal issues. Don’t delay getting expert guidance.

Moving Forward

Focus on Self-Care

Make taking care of yourself a top priority. Eat nutritious meals, exercise regularly, get sufficient sleep, minimize unnecessary stress, and take time to heal. Don’t neglect your health and well-being during this transition.

Explore New Interests

With your new life chapter, think about activities and hobbies you’re excited to try for yourself. Take a class, join a club, volunteer, travel somewhere new, rediscover old passions, or expand your social connections. Pursuing your interests can spark positivity.

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Surround Yourself with Positivity

Spend time nurturing relationships and environments that bring you joy and comfort. Avoid negative people or situations causing additional strain when possible. Focus your energy on uplifting influences rather than what brings you down.


Divorce involves many changes and difficulties.Allow yourself to grieve fully. Seek supportive resources like counseling and loved ones to help you cope emotionally. Take care of all the tedious but necessary legal and financial tasks. Most importantly, make self-care a priority and look to a brighter future. With time and effort, you will adjust and thrive in your new life chapter. Stay positive.


Should I delete pictures of my ex?

There’s no right or wrong decision regarding keeping or deleting photos with your ex after a divorce. It’s an individual choice based on what makes you comfortable emotionally. If certain pictures cause painful feelings, deleting them may be beneficial.

When should I tell my kids about the divorce?

If possible, both parents should share the news of their divorce together with children in an age-appropriate way soon after the decision is final. Ongoing open communication allows kids to process the situation and their emotions.

How do I change my name after divorce?

First, obtain a certified copy of your divorce decree, which serves as proof of your restored maiden name. Take it to the Social Security Administration along with forms of ID to officially change your name on your Social Security card.

Should I sell my wedding ring?

You can choose to sell, repurpose, or keep your wedding ring after a divorce. Selling it returns value and symbolizes letting go. Repurposing it into new jewelry retains sentimentality. Keeping it is okay too, if you feel comfortable doing so.

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When can I start dating again?

There’s no set timeframe for when to start dating after divorce. Move at a pace that feels right for you emotionally. Many experts suggest waiting at least 6 months to one year before dating, to allow time for healing and self-reflection. The most important thing is not to rush into anything until you feel ready.

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