Can you request an increase in alimony

Requesting an Increase in Child Support: Process and Considerations

Yes, you can request an increase in alimony; However, requesting it is not a guarantee of obtaining said increase, among other things because there are no specific requirements that give the right to that request on a mandatory basis.

This request must be justified based on the new needs of the fed party. This new need must be demonstrated because, otherwise, the chances of an increase are considerably low.

After a separation or divorce agreement has been signed, requesting an increase in alimony for joint children is, without a doubt, one of the most complicated aspects.

However, it is important to highlight that it is not common, and achieving this goal is complex and requires sufficient evidence. In practice, it is feasible to ask for it, and depending on each situation and evidence presented there is more or less probability of success.

Understanding Your Rights: Requesting an Increase in Child Support

If there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the original child support order, such as an increase in the paying parent’s income or the recipient’s financial needs, either parent may file a request with the court to modify and increase the child support amount. The court will review evidence of the changed circumstances and determine if an upward modification of the child support payments is warranted based on state guidelines.

Increase in alimony

Child support can vary depending on their needs and that is why, on some occasions, it is necessary to request an increase in alimony. To do this, the procedure to follow is the one contemplated in the procedure for modifying measures, but for this to occur it is necessary to comply with a certain series of requirements.

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On the other hand, to request this pension increase it is necessary that there be a prior ruling of separation, divorce, or custody, because that ruling is where the pension or amount set for the maintenance of joint children is established.

The need for this is to compare the ruling with the current situation where the interested party is asking for an increase. The only way in which this pension increase is admitted is when the comparison shows a substantial increase in the care circumstances of each child.

When determining alimonytwo determining aspects are considered: the needs of the children and the payment capacity of the parent who is obliged to pay the alimony. For the new application, the parent’s ability to pay and the increased needs of the children are also considered.

The analysis of both circumstances is decisive to establish a favorable ruling for the request or to deny it.

In this sense, if there has been a considerable increase in the income of the parent responsible for paying the pension and in addition there has been a considerable increase in the needs of the children, it will be possible to obtain a favorable ruling. The circumstances that dictated the original sentence will always be considered and valued.

Increase in income and needs

One option to request a pension increase occurs when the parent has had a significant increase in income. A situation that has changed significantly since the original pension ruling.

It’s a complicated issue, so it’s not always easy for the interested party to get that raise. Many aspects must be determined to analyze the change in the situation.

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Increased needs of children

The other reason why an increase in child support can be requested is when there has been an increase in the needs of the children.

An example case is when there has been a change in the conditions of education that requires additional payments to be made; However, the Judge must evaluate different criteria to determine if these changes are justified. At this point, the needs of the minor are also assessed to determine whether or not the parent should cover these needs.

A common question is if there is a limit to applying for the pension and the answer is negative. There are no limits to requesting a pension increase, it can be done as many times as it is considered necessary, but always consider that making the request is not a guarantee of its approval.

At all times, the previous and current conditions of the needs of the minors and the income of the parents will be considered.

For a favorable ruling, both elements must be combined: a significant increase in the parent’s income and also a justified increase in the needs of the minor or minors that the couple has in common.

How to apply for an increase in alimony?

The most common and recommended way to request an increase in the pension is for the parents to reach an agreement, which must be reflected in a new regulatory agreement. In these cases, the modification of the agreement can be made by a single lawyer. This agreement must be signed by the interested parties.

On the other hand, if the parties do not reach an agreement, the next step is the judicial one and for this, the interested party or requester of this new increase must present a demand for Modification of Measures and demonstrate the change in the circumstances that support the request for pension increase.

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In the case where the needs of the minor or minors have increased considerably, these must also be duly justified.

It is a little more complicated to prove that the ex-partner receives much more money than that established in the original regulatory agreement, so in that case, it must also be demonstrated. There is also the option for the interested party to prove both points, that is, the increase in the income of the former partner and the justified increase in the minors.

When the parties reach an agreement, the increase in the pension is immediate and in cases in which it is approved through a ruling, this will be the one that indicates the date from which the amount of the pension comes into force. food pension.

This increase can also be requested when the child is of legal age, but the chances of approval are considerably lower.

In short, you can request an increase in your pension, but it is not a guarantee of its approval. The reasons behind said request must be demonstrated.


1-What forms do I need to modify child support in California?

To modify child support in California, you need to complete FL-300 to request a modification and a current FL-150 Income and Expense Declaration, plus additional supporting forms.

2-How do I modify child support in Indiana?

To modify child support in Indiana, petition the court by filing the standard State forms Child Support Modification and Child Support Worksheet, plus documentation on changed circumstances.

3-Can child support be modified without going to court in California?

In California, child support orders can only be formally modified through the court process, which requires filing the forms and evidence, serving them, and attending hearings.

4-Can a parent forgive back child support in Texas?

No, the owed child support is considered the right of the child in Texas and parents cannot choose to forgive or waive owed back child support payments.

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