Arkansas divorce records

How to Get Arkansas Divorce Records

Purpose of Article

This article outlines the process, requirements, and potential costs associated with requesting official copies of divorce records held by the Arkansas Department of Health.

Background on Divorce Records

When a divorce is finalized in Arkansas, details including names, dates, case numbers,s, and county are recorded in the statewide Vital Records system. Certified copies serve as official verification of marital status changes.

How to Order Arkansas Divorce Records

Eligible requestors can obtain records through several methods detailed below:

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals entitled to access divorce certificates include:

Relationship to Subject

The partners named in the dissolution decree or authorized family members.

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Authorized Agents

Third parties must provide signed permission from an eligible person.

Online Arkansas divorce records

Processing Fees

A $5 standard processing fee and $1.85 non-refundable ID verification fee apply.

Identity Verification Fee

This mandatory fee covers fraud prevention measures for online orders.

Shipping Options

Expedited shipping speeds are available for an additional cost.

Mail Orders

Required Documents

Submit a completed application form found online, proper ID, and payment.

####### Application Form Print the application or pick one up from a local health unit.

####### Payment Includes a check or money order payable to the Arkansas Department of Health.

####### ID Documents Provide acceptable legal identification per regulations.

In-Person Orders

Location and Hours

The Vital Records Office is located at 4815 W. Markham Street in Little Rock. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 AM – 4:30 PM, excluding state holidays.

Same-Day Service

Most requests can be processed same-day if the applicant arrives by 4 PM with complete documentation.

Payment Options

In-person payments may be made via cash, check, credit or debit.

Phone Orders

Expedited Shipping

Faster shipping is available for an additional fee at checkout.

Payment Options

Pay by debit, credit card, or electronic check over the phone.

Additional Information Arkansas divorce records

Cost Breakdown

Search Fee

Whether or not records are located, there is a non-refundable $10 search fee.

Copy Fee

Each divorce record copy costs $10.

Additional Fees

Online and phone orders incur supplemental convenience charges.

Contact for Questions

Email Address

Inquiries may be sent to [email protected].

Office Hours

Staff can also answer questions from 8 AM – 4:30 PM on weekdays, excluding holidays.

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Help Center Details

The Information Network of Arkansas Help Center assists with technical difficulties.

Checking Order Status

Using Confirmation Number

Input your confirmation number at the “Check Order Status” portal.

Viewing Current Status

This displays real-time updates on request status and processing.


Importance of Records

Certified divorce records verify legal name changes, marital statuses, and other key details.

Ease of Ordering

Arkansas Vital Records makes accessing these essential documents convenient through various order channels.


1-What forms of ID can be used to order divorce records?

Acceptable legal proofs of identity include current driver’s licenses, passports, military IDs, concealed handgun licenses, pilot licenses, and other government-issued identification cards showing the requester’s name, photo, issue/expiration date, etc.

2-How should divorce documents be paid for?

Divorce certificates can be paid for online or over the phone using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and electronic checks. Mailed applications should include checks or money order payments. Cash, credit/debit, or checks are accepted for walk-in orders.

3-Who signs divorce record application forms?

If requesting your own record, you would sign the application form. Third party agents need signed permission from an eligible person to apply on their behalf.

4-Can divorce records be rushed or expedited?

While routine requests take 7-14 business days plus shipping time, expedited shipping options allow faster delivery for an extra fee when ordering online or by phone. In-office requests before 4 PM often receive same-day processing.

5-How do I amend an error on my divorce certificate?

Contact Vital Records to initiate correction protocols if you discover an inaccuracy on your divorce record. Supporting documents like court orders may be needed to verify amendments.

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